Monday, 10 March 2014

Just One of Those Days

You know those day's when everything goes wrong? You slip on the spring ice scratching up your wrist on the way to school, staining your sweater with blood. Your teacher yells at you for being late because you had a panic-attack right after and didn't get to class till the halfway point. You wait for your friend after school to walk home with, 15 minutes later you call him finally and he tells you he went to another friends house. You walk to the train station alone and then forget your biology textbook at the train stop, go back to find it's gone? Ya. That was my day. I felt horrible. Got home and ate everything in the house that I thought would take away my sorrows. When food didn't 100% help, I got my mom to drive me to the local drugstore and her and I decided to have a mini splurge. I can't say this is the healthiest form of therapy, but coming home with some new cosmetics, putting on one of your new face masks and watching Sex and the City really does make you feels good again. Now. Lets move forward, looks towards tomorrow in hopes that my Bio teacher will let my homework slide given the circumstances...

What I bought on my Mini Drug Store Splurge

Stylize Claw Clip
The Balea Pore Refining, Hydrating and Skin Firming Face Masks
Covergirl Eye Enhancer Palette in 235 Pure Romance 
Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in 125 Very Fair 

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Re-Do My Room: Before Shots

So! I came to the conclusion that since I will be 18 in about 2 months, Minnie Mouse wallpaper and teddy bears were not appropriate anymore for my bed room anymore. I think this is a logical conclusion, and I have decided to completely re-do my room! Overall, we think it will take about 3 months to do just with taking down wallpaper, putting together furniture, organizing, etc! So it should be a lot of fun and the results I'm hoping will be amazing!

The next step for me was, where do I start? Obviously, I started planning out a room design, colour schemes, items to put in my room and such; but to be honest, the first step is de-cluttering. A very hard task for me since my family is pretty much all horders, especially when it comes to memorabilia. You remember how something came into your possession, or who gave it to you and your like, NOPE! Not throwing it away! And at the end of the day you're left with everything you started with, except that sweets wrapper and movie poster you never hung on your wall. With that in respect, I made a box for my memorabilia that is cluttering my room, a box of junk I'll never use, and then the stuff I plan on keeping. The box of memories is going into storage :) In the pictures I posted, I had already de-cluttered ALOT! And I still have so much more to go! So I hope you are all excited for the ride that is re-do'ing my room! And the outcome will be spectacular, I assure you!