Sunday, 17 April 2016

Review: Swiss O-Par Eyelash and Brow Dye Kit



I'm a natural blonde. If you haven't seen me with blonde hair, you're probably thinking "No way! Really?", But, yes, I am; and a huge struggle with having naturally light hair when you dye it dark, is your eyebrows.

If I don't colour them in everyday, I look like a hairless cat or like someone who purposfully chose to burn off my eyebrows in crazy stumpor. Both are not an attractive look.

I don't mind colouring in my brows, but I had been debating getting them tinted for a while. So after some research on home products and getting them done professionally, I finally decided to do it with a home product.

I bought the Swiss O-Par Kit from Shoppers Drug Mart, also available at London Drugs (So this product is available in Canada) and followed a youtube tutorial while I applied it becuase the written instructions weren't very clear.

I reccomend this tutorial if you use the product:
NOTE: Watch the whole video first before you start to apply.

I recommend doing this in the bathroom (incase you spill the dye), make sure to have a timer, and makeup remover and pads ready.

The kit comes with a brush applicator and q-tips for the two step process, but I recommend asking you beauty counter for some mascara wands when you're at the checkout, they work a lot better at evenly applying the product.

The basic idea to the product is you apply a liquid (for around a minute), then put a gel on top that will dye the hairs. The gel turns your eyebrows very VERY dark (Do not freak out. Like I did...), as long as you take it off after about 5-10 seconds it shouldn't cause an issue. I took off the eye brow dye with a micellar water which worked really well.

I had to apply the product after 3-4 times over in order ro get the after picture (above). I did a Before and After picture becuase I couldn't find many blogs that did, and I think it's important to see before you buy something like this. The difference is subtle but creates enough of a tint that it makes a big enough difference that I would feel comfortable leaving the house without eyebrow products!

I was orginally worried that the 'brown' colour might come out too redish/orange, but I am happy to say the brown tint has an ashy undertone and not a golden one. I didn't use it on my eyelashes but if you do make sure you are close to a sink if you have to rinse your eyes out.

Overall, the product worked really well (for me), I would recommend it to others and I would use the product again! For any questions regarding the process, just ask below!


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