Sunday, 3 April 2016

Spa Day Routine

French Lavender 3-Wick Candle from Bath and Body Works

 Epson Salts from Life Brand (SDM)
Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate from Clarins 

Purete Thermal Fresh Cleansing Gel by Vichy
Mia 2 Keith Herring Collection by Clarisonic
Wonder Mud Face Mask by Biotherm

Having a little spa Sunday is such a wonderful pleasure. Slipping into a hot bath with your favourite book or TV show (currently watching Sherlock) and just relaxing. Is anything better? No. Not really.

Lavender has always been one of my favourite scents so the French Lavender candle scent from Bath and Body Works is my ultimate bathtub candle. It basically sits next to the bath 24/7, because it's my bath scent, such a relaxing and calming scent (or to some, it smells like their grandmothers).

I always sprinkle plain Epson salts in my bath while the water is running, its supposed to help with muscle relaxation, and to be honest, I think it works but I've never not used it. Otherwise, I've recently been loving the Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate from Clarins, it smells like eucalyptus, which is super fresh and earthy. I've always been more of an earthy and/or citrus scent lover so this bath oil/tonic was something I fell in love with right away.

I, like many, also love to put on a face mask during my bath. I wash my face with my everyday cleanser first (Vichy) and put it on my Clarisonic. I got this in December and I've noticed a difference in my skin, it's a lot more even and it takes makeup off amazingly better then my cleanser and hands. 

After attending a Biotherm conference, we were rewarded with a jar of the new Wonder Mud face mask. I remember trying it on the back of my hand at the conference and loving it, so when I knew I got to take it home, I was ecstatic! It exfoliates as you massage it onto your face, so you get rid of any dead skin. When you take it off, it leaves your skin with this beautiful natural glow and your skin is amazingly soft. I think it's wonderful that they use natural algae extracts because I've always preferred the use of natural ingredients over artificial (as I'm sure many of us do).

Once my bath is run and prepared, and my face is ready, I hope into the bath and just unwind. We all need some time to just relax and unwind and this is my current favourite way to do it. If you try any of these products, please tell me what you think of them!


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