Thursday, 14 April 2016

Stationary Haul

I had never been one of those people who had a stationary obsession, but apparently it's something you grow into. In the last little bit, I've had this itch to buy, organise and use stationary. I felt like I was going mad. I scrounged through my parent's stationary drawer where I found WAY too many white-outs, stole a pair of scissors, a few pens, and a bunch little notebooks. I thought that would crave my urge but a few days later I was scrolling through stationary hauls on YouTube and putting pens, notepads, and greeting cards in my wishlist on multiple stationary websites. 
So finally I said to myself, just go and do it. So I did. I spent a day shopping my way through Staples and ChaptersIndigo in my city and this is what I bought.

Floral 'Thank You' Blank Cards Here
'Les Petits Sweets' Blank Cards Here
Animal Kingdom Adult Colouring Book Here
Botanical Blooms Notebooks (3 Pack) Here

Bali Collection Post-it Notes Here
Triplus Fineliner Pens (10 Colours) Here

The first four I found at ChaptersIndigo, a local bookstore that also carries stationery. After an hour long detour in the book section of the store, I started going through the cards, notebooks and sketching sections. With Spring here and Summer on the way, my items ended up representing these seasons quite well. I thought the 'Les Petite Sweets' would well as birthday cards, and I've always wanted to be one of those people who give thank you cards to friends and family. I feel as if it's a bit of a lost courtesy. The colouring book was picked up because I've already gone through one (doesn't that explain my stress level as Univeristy so well?), and I was surprised at how relaxing colouring books really are as a (somewhat) adult. The notebooks were bought because they were. I have no plan for them and now they will most likely stay in my desk for the rest of eternity. #smartbuys

At Staples, an office supplies store, I knew I needed more Post-it notes, so that happened. The pens, however, were an impulse buy after remembering a friend of mine in high school who used them to colour coordinate notes. I'm hoping I can use them for a similar purpose when studying in Univeristy. I also purchased some basic yellow highlighters and mechanical pencils just to stock up (which aren't pictured above.)

Overall, my stationary bug has been repressed for now. But the real question is, for how long?


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