Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My Bestfriend and I

So, this is one of those stories people hear and they always go WOW! Because my best-friend and I have been friends since we were 6 years old in Grade 1. And now that we are both 17 (almost 18) we've been friends for almost 12 years. And don't get me wrong, we drifted for about 2 years but we never lost touch and I would say we are closer then ever at this point in our lives and for the past 3 years we have been inseparable. I thought I would share our little story while showing some pictures her and I took recently together.

The one thing we don't have is a lot of picture of the two of us so we have been working on that lately. So sadly I don't have any cute little pictures of us, only the two of us being weirdos with my new camera (Canon Rebel Xsi EOS).

Ayla (on the right) and I (left) met in Grade 1 at Escuela Collingwood Elementary (Spanish Emersion School) in Ms. Clemente's class. We didn't even sit at the same table but we met over my disgust as her pencil and because I had sparkly red ones. Ayla doesn't remember any of this but I do. We both went up to the teachers desk to sharpen our pencils; my grandma had just bought me this sparkly red pencil for starting grade 1 (I had about 3) and as I was sharpening my pencil I had seen Ayla's pencil. It was a plain, raggedy looking pencil, the tip was cracked and black because of the lose led. Because I felt bad about her pencil I ended up running back to my desk and giving her one of my red sparkly pencils. And the rest is history!

Ever since the pencil incident this crazy woman and I became best friends with millions of bumps and scratches to toughen up our friendship. In elementary, we used to do this thing where we would become friends with someone else and tell the other that we weren't friends anymore. We did this on a weekly bases until grade 3 where we played pretend all the time. We lost touch often and became close again until around grade 5 when my mom decided to move me schools.

I was actually really excited and I ended up in an all girls school in town called Alice Jamieson Girls' Academy. Grade 5 and 6 we stayed close seeing each-other at least once a month. Once Junior High started we became very different for a few years, Ayla became very gothic and I was very preppy and we got annoyed with each-other easily meaning we mainly only saw each-other at our birthdays.

We didn't really become close again until about the start of high school in grade 10. I don't remember how we became close again, who made the first move or anything but I can't imagine going a week without seeing her, and we have so many wonderful memories now. We went to a lot of boutiques and art galleries together and we realized something remarkable. Although we are different in a million ways and even with the distance we had had for a long time we thought and acted like twins.
Its funny because I feel like we had no influence on each-other in our years apart but we think the same way and come up with the same conclusions on so many thing. I have always been the more girly, pretty-in-pink, social, theater class, English one and she has always been the more tom-boy, edgy, chemistry, math and fandom one; yet we act like twins and anyone who meets us can tell we are closer then ever. Don't get me wrong we still fight but we get over them fast and if you ever find your best friend soul mate you can't let go. We always say that without each-other in our lives we would have no reason to live, and in some ways I feel like we're right, she's always the first person I tell my secrets too and she's always there when I need someone to take care of my when I'm sick (This New Years Eve was a doozy), and I'm always there for her when old women push her at bus stops (the woman got a good talking to about respecting my BFF). Plus we do our crosswords puzzles the same. You can't beat that. :)
 Ps. The pictures ended up all strange and I tried fixing it but my computer skills are limited. Sorry!

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