Sunday, 15 December 2013

Review: Dragon's Egg Lush Bath Bomb

The Dragon's Egg Lush Bath Bomb is described as a "Citrus sherbet-scented fizzy firecracker". I got this as an early Christmas present from my grandmother and it smelled amazing so I had a bath this morning. This Dragon's Egg Bath bomb is a citrus scented bath bomb that just explodes in your bath.  It starts out as a pink bath bomb with little colours popping out of it. Once you put it in it fizzes and bubbles and as the pink melts away it started to turn orange!

By the time it is almost melted your whole bath should be a bright orange and once the bomb gets right to the middle its starts to bubble into a gold shades and pretty much sparkles shatter out of it. Once the bath bomb was done fizzing, I hopped in and shortly after I heard this popping. It scared me a little at first, Is my tub breaking?! But it was the little colourful dots from the bath bomb popping and crackling!

The one thing I always notice about bath bombs is the water feels quite a bit thicker, or more dense I could say. But your skin feels a millions times softer and the aroma the bath bombs make you want to never leave the tub. The Dragons Egg was no exception. It was a wonderful bath.

One thing I do hazard though is once the tub is drained you will notice your tub covered in orange and gold sparkles. Just rinse of the tub and your be fine, and yes, it can go down the drain. Lush is a vegan company and everything is organic and fresh products, so its safe for yours drains. Also I was absolutely covered in sparkles and still am about 12 hours later. If you don't like the idea of gold sparkles all over your body, this is not for you. Fortunately for me, I currently in love with sparkles and shimmer - it's very Christmassy - so I love the turn out. Please by skin is so soft. I loved the Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb from Lush.

I have included a link to the page on the Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb and a video on how Dragon's Egg is made!

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