Monday, 2 June 2014

Re-Do My Room: Painted!

Here are the finished painted walls! I am so happy with the results, and after years of Minnie Mouse wallpaper its a huge adjustment. It feels so empty but I'll just start putting pictures on the walls and once more furniture is back in the room then it will feel so much more comfortable and welcoming!  

Choosing a colour wasn't easy but not necessarily hard either. You just need to choose something that fits your personality. I was originally just going to re-paint the walls a simulare pink as before, but my bestfriend said "If you're painting it anyway, try something new." And since one of the main reasons I wanted to re-do my room was to make it more age appropriate and more "me", why not make the room more me with different coloured walls?

Once I choose the wall colour everything else has really fell into place. The two green shades I choose are perfect for me! So bright and bubbily but still a really nice down-to-earth colour! Hopefully, kind of like me!

The room is generally all put back together and I'm loving it! Once all the other little details are dealt with, I'll post a blog on the finished room! I am so excited and I am SO in love! A room should express who you are, especally at our age (18'ish) where it is one of the only personal space's we have. Now my room does and I never want to leave it! 

If you have any questions or anything you want me to talk about in the last post, tell me and I'll address it!

Brittany Corralynn

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