Monday, 29 September 2014

Fall Lookbook: Feminine Chic - 2014

 This is my Feminine Chic Autumn Look which also includes five fall trends for this year!
1. Maxi Skirts. Maxi skirt have been a trending fad in the last few months and have carried on into fall. But since Summer, many maxi skirts have thickened in material and the styles are more aimed to Autumn. They are great pieces to stay warm in and also stay stylish.
2. Floral Prints. Floral prints usually make their come back each year in Spring and Fall, and this Fall is no exception! With dark hues and with everyone wearing them from me, the girl down the street and Keiko Lynn. Its a great little print to wear!
3. Knee High Socks. A great piece to give you a little more coverage to stay warm when your wanting to still wear those short skirts, and or shorts (also great with maxi skirts as shown above!). They are cute, and a definite classic piece!
4. Oxfords. Also a classic piece that are great when starting University (like me) or just giving yourself a bit more of a distinguished scholastic feel!
5. Poppy. The colour poppy red is HUGE this season. I am seeing it everywhere from, blazers, jackets and skirts. Its that beautiful pop of colour just like the leaves changing colour. Best part is, its great on almost every skin tone and can make any girl feel confident with that little bit of fire!
All of these trends are included in this cute chic look. This is one of my favourite looks because it is classy, yet simple and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion compared to the last outfit that was more of a day look (you can find it here). This is something I will be wearing all Fall.
On another Note I do plan on doing Outfits of the Day (OOTD) on Instagram on a regular basis. So if you are interested in viewing this you can find a link on the side bar >>>
What I Wore:
Garage Ballerina Top in Burnt Red
Vintage Nicola Floral Maxi Skirt
Unknown Black Knee High Socks
Guess Poppy Red Structured Coat
Spring Brown Oxfords

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