Thursday, 25 September 2014

Fall Lookbook: The Minimalist Grunge - 2014

I decided to do a little Fall series over the next few weeks, which will include two different looks (clothes), an Autumn makeup look, an Autumn haul and MAYBE a recipe (tbt)!

Fall is my absolute favourite season and I love taking advantage of this short and beautiful time of year. This year I thought "What better way to enjoy it then to share my love of it with my followers!

During the two fashion looks Ayla (my bestfriend) and I will be modeling Fall looks that fit our own personalities. She has always been a minimalist grunge kind of gal and I have always been more feminine chic gal. I want to give everyone options on what can work for them by giving you both styles. I will try to include as many fall trends as possible in order to give you some great idea's about how to spice up your fall ventures this season! So I hope you enjoy!

Ayla Mushinski (my beautiful and talented model) is wearing what I consider to be a grunge minimalist fall look. Which incorporates five Autumn Trends for 2014.
1. Plaid. Is always a Fall and Winter favourite. So you of course have to add that! This is a great grunge piece being a bit oversized; and with the ornate fall colours to really give it a urban feel to it by mixing orange, navy, white and black.
2. Tunics. This is a style which has been coming back recently. They look great with almost anything, on top of a skirt, over jeans, or with leggings. They are so versatile and comfortable!
3. The Blazer. This is a great piece to wear in Autumn since its a tad heavier then a sweater but still lighter then a coat. Perfect for those sunny windy days and very minimalist! And with nudes being very popular this fall as well. Its a great neutral colour.
4. Slit Knees. A current fashion trend is two slits in the knees of jeans. its very simple and fairly unnoticeable while standing up, but it does add that little bit of edge to pretty much any outfit to give it a more urban laid back feel.
5. Knee High Boots. Again! This is a great Fall and Winter staple and really never goes out of fashion. The boots are in a auburn brown which really warms up the whole outfit to really give it that autumn vibe.
Overall I think it is a great look to just throw on when going out to the market or for a lazy brunch. Its simple, urban and so very in style!

What Ayla Wore:

Tobias Brown Wool Blazer
Bank of Gypsies Plaid Tunic
Ardene Denim Jeans (with DIY knee slits)
Dynamic Black Tank Top
Vintage Impressions Knee High Boots

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