Sunday, 1 May 2016

Kananaskis Country, Alberta

I just recently finished finals and my second year of university, and I will soon be starting a full-time summer internship.

I wanted to have a little retreat before starting this next part of my life that feels like a game changer. A mixture of turning 20, working in an office for the first time and being half way done my secondary education.

We live about an hour away from the Canadian Rocky Mountains and I often forget how you can feel like your in a completely different world out there. As you summit a mountain and everything around you is dirt, rocks, trees and fresh air, the connection to the earth and the disconnection from modern society. You forget that the city is an hour away and you forget the worries that come with it.

Kananaskis Country is a great little escape, and a great way to introduce yourself to these monstrous mountains if you've never experienced them before. Most of the hikes a quite easy and not too strenuous.

People usually expect to see pictures of large mountains and snow covered peaks, but I've been surrounded by these giants my whole life, and the beauty of The Rockies to me is the small details. The fallen trees, the neon green lichen, the tiny streams that people often miss and the functional gritty signs that led you on your way.

The world is full of beauty in so many ways, and my world is full of little beauties as I contemplate life and just relax and escape my 'real world' for a little while.

Kananaskis is the best place to do that in my books.


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