Saturday, 9 November 2013

Winter Lipsticks - 2013

One thing I cannot live without is lipstick. For it is a definite essential for my everyday makeup routine, and for me to even feel comfortable leaving the house; and with the change of a season, our makeup routines change as well. In the Fall I usually go for a lot of browns and oranges and for Winter its time to have a little bit of fun with the darker berry shades and reds.

These are my five winter must haves. The only two colors you can't tell is the Revlon in the black case and the Rimmel Kate Moss Series.  But I shall describe them from left to right!

The Revlon "Just Bitten Kissable" Balm Stain in one of my favourite products for lips I have two of these currently an orange called 040 Rendezvous that I bought for fall and this one called 005 Crush for winter. When you apply a "Just Bitten Kissable" they have a minty smell which I really like and they stay on all day! They will lighten over the day but it never comes fully off. I've actually had nights where I put it on for a party or so and wake up the next morning and my lips are still pink. I love this plumy pink, its a great warm colour for the holiday months and its just beautiful. I actually didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I do but now I you could barely tear me away from it!

Next in the line is the Revlon "Super Lustrous" Lipstick in 405 Silver City Pink, I tried to get a picture but it started getting to dark out and it wouldn't turn up. I call this my frozen lip look. Its a silvery shimmery light pink, that looks like you have frozen lips. I love it because its something a little out of the ordinary but still a lot of fun and goes great with almost any outfit. I love wearing this with a light pink blush for a frozen lips and cheeks look. I have a lot of fun with it. If you would like a picture of my Frozen Lemonade look just ask, I'll do it if anyone is interested.

Right in the middle is the Rimmel London "Lasting Finish by Kate Moss" Lipstick in 113 which is a nude. I love my nude tones as much as I love my colours, sometimes I find it nice to just feel a little naked with your makeup while still doing the whole works. It also gives you a chance to do a nice bright eye or I will go neutral lips and eyes and put on a little extra blush usually a rosy pink colour and it makes you have a natural looking rosy cheeks all day long for that winter feeling.

Last our my Revlon "Colorburst" Lip Butters in 040 Red Velvet and 035 Candy Apple right on the end. I love the "Colourburst" series, I own way more then I should but I must say, they really are amazing. The colour is as bright as the cases and they last a long time as long as you don't bite you lips like me (the main reason I prefer lip stains). I find the darker red is great for evening where I usually go for the 035 Candy Apple for a day look. Both are great Christmas colours, because how could a red ever not work for Winter?

These are just five of my favourites, but they always work for the Winter season.

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  1. I have the Revlon lip butter in candy apple and one of the just bitten kissable balm stains as well! They are very lovely but I do wish the balm stains had a wide colour range like the lip butters.